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Max Payne 1 Download

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Max Payne -1 PC games 2001 Overview
Max Payne is- developed under the banner of Remedy -Entertainment for -Microsoft Windows.
[It is released on 23rd July 2001.] Max Payne-1 PC Game has a superb story line -which involves a lot -of tragic events. This game- is all about -Max Payne a detective from -NYPD. He- has -been -suffering- a lot-of -tragedies- lately. His wire and- child have been murdered- due to the Detective- work he has been -doing.

Now he is -after those- murderers to take revenge.- This game consist many -graphic plots and violent -action scenes. one thing -which made this game a- super hit was the use -of slow motion and Bullet- time which was hugely- inspired by the movies -like The Matrix trilogy. As- you -go forward in- the -game you- get- more -advanced- weapon -system which- helps- you -eliminate- the -enemies. Apart from the- weapons he also has- painkillers which refill -Max's health. This game almost -pioneered the action -games Genre in the- early 200's and it surely is an all-time classic game
Features of Max Payne Following are- the main features of -Max Payne that you will be -able to experience after -the first install on your -Operating System.
  • It's a superb action game. 
  • It has a very mature story line depicting the cruel face of society. 
  • It contains the Slow motion action. 
  • You will get a lot of twists. 
  • There are a lot of weapons which can be acquired by Max Payne. 
System Requirements of Max Payne PC Game 2001

Before you start Max Payne -1 Free Download- make sure your PC meets minimum -system requirements.
  • Operating System:- Windows XP/Vista/7/ 8/ 10 
  • CPU:- 1GHz or faster 
  • RAM:- 128 MB 
  • Hard Disk Space:- 1 GB 
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