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IGI -3 The Mark Games Download

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IGI -3 The mark PC Game Overview
IGI -3 The mark is -an action -game which is -the part of the -IGI series. In this- game you- need to stop a fatal- nuclear packager- which is on- its way to- its destination. -London. A -US marine -and  a british- merecnary must -tea up -to stop terrorist -from jolting- London -with terror. -You can- also download -IGI -1
IGI-3 The mark- though has -not got the appreciation- from the -critics and the -games as was -received by IGI -1 and IGI-2 but -still it is -a worth -playing game. Terrorist -are looking -to kill -the marine and his sisters as- they are the -ones who can -recognize and stop -the bomb. The job -of the British -mercenary is to -protect the- US marine- and his sister. This game- has got a wide variety of- weapons which -can be used in -different- challenging missions. On an -ending -note we can say that IGI-3 The- mark is not- that much- impressive as -Were IGI 1 and 2 but still -much better- than many shooting -games out there
Features of IGI-3 The mark 
Following- are the main -features of IGI-3 The mark -that you will be able to -experience after the first -install on your- Operating System.
  • Imposing first perso shooter game.
  • Got wide variety of weapons.
  • Need to stop Europe from a fatal nuclear attack.
  • Got lots of challenging missions .
  • Impressive Graphics .
System Requirements of IGI -3 THe Mark PC Game

Before you start IGI-3 The mark Free Download- make sure your- PC meets minimum- system requirements.
  • Operating System:- XP/Vista/7/8.1/10
  • CPU:- 1.8 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • RAM:- 512 MB
  • Hard Disk Space:- 500 MB
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