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Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games

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Newmode: Sniper - FPS 4 Black○Ops. - You've summoned all-enemy time-to-time! - Time○and race against○the shoot! Each-budget adds 3 seconds -to live
Try -Free Zombie-August! Hit- and -do not run any zombie-life !! Are○you alive - Hero?
It's time- to- work in -Battlefield. Call-your-best sniper- and-shooter- and- war front. -Shoot-Special-Kill and -Survive -The Addiction-Sniper -3D Shooting-Game!
Cover -Fire -feature

- Play। Offline - We recommend a WiFi to download the -game, but you do not -need to -play - WiFi.
- New -shooting games -and challenging-stereo- mode. Join○the distance -and fight○like a○pro. - Take your- weapon, - Attack the enemy. - Rain, grenade, huge - with a gun. - Release○the -wrath○of this○war!
- Modern○Controls ○This brings○you to○an enemy○and addiction resistance - Kil○and○save the victims!
- With HD -graphics-destructive-environment. -Everything - communicates -with you -and your -troops.
- Become -a -real veteran in -online -tournaments-mode, a fun adventure -to kick -off action -against- other drunk -players. - Don't stop -shooting- offline with- mobile
- Deliver -yourself with -a huge- original- arsenal - you have so- many realistic- games guns - you ne pistols, - shotguns,- rifles, snipers ... - like a real -frontline-commando!
- Facing the- battlefield from- different- points of -view. Option - Find the ultimate -combination -of wars in your- final tenant - Realtime - - Final- Assassination-Game.
- Your Killer - So-Unique S-quad Set: -Hacker, Sniper, -Salt Man ... Unlock-New Epic -Sniper- and -Shooter-Bazooka-Man-or -Gunslinger-Like! - Have you○ever seen○-a disorderly○dinosaur in○Battlefield?
Take control -of the battle and a -maximum- of 3 -addictive -sniper - best- shooters -in 3D -shooting
You- got the -cover-fire ○ -To be the duty-doctor ○-The duty-doctor who led -the siege-cities, through- fields taken -by Desert -and Guerrillas, -and defeated -all sorts -of enemies -the The -biggest graphic,- greatest -arsenal and -the- best- on- mobile. The -battle with offline gameplay.
○ The ultimate ○ -shooting-battle-experience. Take○the○cover, shoot it, shoot it, and set○this-hazard. 
-The Best-Military-Word-The-World-Terrorists-The-Start-The-Game-Never-Give Up!
- Create ○ your ○ front ○ tactics - in the battlefield -and kill your -enemy from -all sides. "Online○Tournament○Game○Mode○-Take your weapons○from a -killing arsenal○and acquire your○Soldiers○Unique Shooter○skills. .
- Challenging -Story- Mode. Fight the Tetracorp○and -run Honors-Right-One every time. -The most○interesting-shooting-game in the○best gameplay.
Infinite○Shooter○action!○Resistance. -Welcome to○Welcome to the cover○fire.

Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games


► Current Version
► Requires Android
       4.1 and up 
 Offered By
      Genera Games
      Calle Cardenal Bueno

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