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Deadfall Adventures Free Download

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Deadfall Adventures Overview
Deadfall Adventures is- one of very interesting -shooting game. -It is adventures- type of -game. This game- is developed- by The -Farm 51 and -published by -Nordic Games.- Deadfall Adventures -was- released -on November 15, 2013.
Deadfall -Adventures- is- an action-driven- first-person- shooter,- spiced up with- elements- from- action-adventure- games. Become- an adventurer, -hunt for treasures, -explore unknown- regions of the- world and- rescue the damsel -in distress from -the clutches- of enemies, -both earthly and- not-so-earthly. Join- James Lee Quatermain- on his journey -across- the globe!
The Story
The year is -1938. -James Lee- Quatermain is a man -of many- talents, yet holding- on to -money isn't -one of-them. -James is- an -adventurer by trade,- just like -his legendary -great-grandfather-Allan- Quatermain. And- he knows- how- to -squeeze -money out -of this- famous- name of his, -while -at the- same -time -despising it. -Despising -those -who believe- his great-grandfather's tales- of the supernatural- and those who- make -fun of- them alike.

Accordingly,- Quatermain -isn't all too -keen on escorting -Jennifer Goodwin,- an US agent- and former- colleague -of his, to an- Egyptian temple -structure in- order to -retrieve an -ancient artifact - The Heart of Atlantis. Neither- does he- believe in the -reputed -invigorating qualities- of this- artifact, nor does- he care the -least that -a division of the -Ahnenerbe,- the Nazi- department -specialized in- the occult, is after- The Heart -as well.
But -life -has- its -ways -of- changing -one's perspective.- Quatermain soon- finds -himself- part- of a -hunt- across- the globe - from -the stormy- deserts -of- Egypt -to the- icy -depths -of the- Arctic, and -all the- way -to the- steaming -jungles -of Guatemala. -In long -forgotten temple- structures -the thrill -of the- chase -awakens -the true adventurer- in- Quatermain,- as he -and agent- Goodwin- strive to- be one step- ahead of- the Nazis -and the- Russians,- one step -closer to obtaining -the Heart- of- Atlantis.- And deep- in these- temples, -where age-old guardians- awake- from- their eternal- slumber, -James- soon learns- that his- great-grandfather's stories- are not as- crazy as he had- always- believed. For all- things- live -forever, though at times they- sleep- and -are -forgotten...- department -specialized in- the occult, is after- The Heart -as well.
Key Features
1-Action -Adventure- gameplay- from a -first-person -perspective
2-Set in- the -Quatermain-universe,- created by H. R. -Haggard
3-Fast-paced- action and -intense,- accurate -FPS -gun -battles
4-Adventurer -equipment: -compass, -treasure -maps, notebook -and flashlight – necessary- to -solve -ancient -puzzles, -find -treasures -and even- to defeat -certain -types -of enemies
5-Puzzles -that encourage- you to- explore -the game -environment and- interact -with it
6-Environmental -traps that- can be- used to -eliminate -enemies in many -spectacular -ways
7-Exotic, -picturesque -locations- from around -the world – Egypt, Arctic -and -forgotten Mayan -ruins in- the jungles- of Guatema
8-Compelling -story faithful- to the -spirit of- classic -action-adventure -movies
9-1930’s setting-, including -detailed- weapon- designs
10-Unique- adventurer-style- multiplayer -features- and- modes
Following- are the -minimum system- requirements of- Deadfall Adventures.

Operating system: Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 /8.1 and Windows 10

CPU: Core 2 Duo
Ram: 2 GB
Hard disk space: 5 GB



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